Best Running Sports Bra: A Review of Lume Six Sports Bras

best running sports bra

I wish that more sportswear manufacturers considered sports bras a piece of performance equipment. Sports bras for running need to be designed to prevent chafing, provide adequate support for a higher-impact sport, and have great breathability.

Since I started running longer distances, mitigating issues like chafing has become increasingly important. I often found chafing was a problem and general irritation from the seams. I blamed this on cheaper-made sports bras, to which more often than not comfort and performance are sacrificed for quick sales and aesthetics.


A True Performance Sports Bra


sports bra for running

Enter Lume Six, a sports bra company that has performance, fit, and the environment in mind. Lume Six sports bras are unlike any other on the market – I can say that because I’ve tried and tested them myself. To begin with, you can adjust the sizes in the band and the chest, to customize the fit to your body shape. Margaux, owner, and founder of Lume Six explains that one of the biggest issues when choosing a sports bra for running is finding the right fit. For example, a sports bra can fit well on the chest but not on the shoulders. This then increases the chances of chafing and drastically reduces the support the bra can provide.

I chose the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra. This bra was created for flexible support (a step down from maximum) and the highest breathability possible. As a smaller-chested woman, I don’t need a high level of support, however, fitting a bra can be tricky as often the chest will fit but I won’t fit the cups. Being able to customize the fit of the straps allows my Alta bra to fit snug, and feel weightless on my body. Weightlessness is a particularly favorite feature of mine, as I like that light feeling when I run.


The Best Sports Bra For Running

best sports bra for running

I wore my Lume Six bra in The Broken Arrow Skyrace 52k, my first shorter ultra-distance race. It performed impeccably, being supportive, breathable, and lightweight. I don’t like the extra removable padding on many sports bras for running because I can notice them. Lume Six bras don’t have them, and they don’t need them – even if you have a larger chest size.

It is worth pointing out that Lume Six is a female-owned and created company. Margaux has our needs and bodies in mind when creating these high-performance sports bras. As an awesome athlete herself (you should see her rip on the mountain bike!), she knows what it takes to create a bra that meets the demands of any sport.

Medium and High Impact Sports Bras

She didn’t stop there – Lume Six sports bras are made from recycled content. She has partnered up with a sustainable fabric production company in Italy, to ensure both quality and environmental sustainability. Also, 1% of sales will go to 1% for the planet.

I recommend the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra for hiking, mountain biking, pilates, or if you have a smaller chest size, it works well for running. The next step up is the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra, which has higher support and is also great for running. The straps won’t bunch up and twist easily, the sports bra will dry quickly, and the seamless construction will prevent chafing. This is the ultimate performance-minded sports bra, with the environment in mind.

Check out the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra by clicking here.

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